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Our e-Business Card Solution provides your business with a quick and efficient way to share the links that matter most. Each e-Business Card can be tailored to your needs with the most important links at your customer's fingertips. WhatsApp directly to your Sales Executives, view the products and services your company is offering or even a Customised Google Map that provides direction to your office.


Links That Matter

Quick and efficient access for your customers to the links that drive sales. We can even build a landing page or lead capture form for all your corporate business cards to improve conversion.

corona contact less


No physical contact or risk of losing your details. With the global changing environment the contact-less nature of our e-Business Cards provide your customers with added piece of mind.

easy sharing

Easy Sharing

Easily share your details with every customer by sending them the link via WhatsApp / SMS or even incorporate a QR Code for them to scan.

tailored design


All e-Business Card Solutions are made to order. We will schedule a time to take photos and liaise with you regarding your most needed details. Designs are adapted to reflect your Corporate Identity.

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